Accelerating LiquidDriver and Retro Finance Growth with liveRETRO

Liquid Driver
5 min readSep 13, 2023
veRETRO Simplified

We’re excited to unveil liveRETRO: access the impressive veRETRO yields from Retro Finance without locking any RETRO tokens. This move amplifies revenue for mxLQDR holders, soon transitioning to qLQDR.

LiquidDriver is on a mission to supercharge leading liquidity layers across all primary chains, molding DeFi’s future. With our advanced Liquidity-as-a-Service (LaaS) and innovative wrappers like liveRETRO, we’re setting new standards.

LiveRETRO is a continuation to our sustainable, non-inflationary growth. Building on the success of liveTHE for THENA, it’s the next big step in our journey.

TL;DR Summary for those in a rush:

  • RETRO to liveRETRO: Mint liveRETRO without fees; we lock 100% of received RETRO into veRETRO.
  • veRETRO to liveRETRO: Dynamic fee (30% to 70%), contingent on liveRETRO/RETRO pool weight. Weekly mint capped at 15% of initial epoch supply.
  • Special Offer: 48-hour promo with a fixed 30% fee, no cap.
  • Upcoming: Double LQDR rewards for liveRETRO staking coming soon.

The Official liveRETRO Glossary

Whether you’ve been a steadfast follower or are making a fresh entry into our ecosystem, there are crucial terms you need to familiarize yourself with:

  • RETRO: ERC-20 tokens of Retro Finance, the native liquidity layer on Polygon
  • veRETRO: ERC-721 tokens containing locked RETRO ranging from 2 weeks to 2 years
  • liveRETRO: Wrapper created by LiquidDriver
  • Epoch: A period lasting 7 days, restarting every Thursday at 00:00 GMT
  • Rebase: A process on Retro Finance where 30% of weekly emissions are allocated to veRETRO holders and directly added to their veRETRO positions
  • liveRETRO_balance: The balance of liveRETROin the Retro Finance stable LP
  • RETRO_balance: The balance of RETRO in the Retro Finance Gamma LP
  • liveRETRO_total: The total minted supply of liveRETRO

Minting liveRETRO

RETRO → liveRETRO — Users can swap RETRO to liveRETRO at any time 1:1 for no additional costs other than fees associated with a normal transaction.

veRETRO → liveRETRO — Users can convert their veRETRO (as an NFT) into liveRETRO. Max supply to be minted is capped weekly and incurs a dynamic conversion fee influenced by the balance of the stable LP on Retro Finance.

  • Minimum conversion fee: 30%
  • Maximum conversion fee: 70%
  • Cap: 15% of the total supply at the beginning of epoch t
  • Dynamic fee = liveRETRO_balance/ RETRO_balance * min_conversion_fee

Redeeming liveRETRO

At any point in time, users can swap liveRETRO for veRETRO, incurring a 3.5% conversion fee.

To convert veRETRO to liveRETRO, use the following formula.

Conversion Fee Example:

Balance in liveRETRO/RETRO LP: 1000 RETRO/ 2000 liveRETRO

Conversion fee = 2000/1000 * min_conversion_fee = 2 * 30% = 60%

Bootstrapping liveRETRO: 48 Hour Promotional Launch

Kickstart the journey with liveRETRO 48-hour promotional launch, where users can convert veRETRO into liveRETRO for a static 30% fee (adjusted from 5%), NO CAP.

This will help us gain initial market share.

Revenue, Revenue, Revenue

Unlock the power of triple-digit APR veRETRO yields with liveRETRO

LiveRETRO maximizes your returns effortlessly. By auto-converting fees, bribes, and rebases into liveRETRO, our innovative distribution system allocates a staggering 81.5% of the voting rewards to the single staking pool, ensuring higher rewards for stakers.

The base conversion fee is adjusted based on oRETRO discount

With liveRETRO, you no longer need extensive knowledge or experience to access and benefit from these exceptional veRETRO yields. Simply stake your liveRETRO and watch your investments flourish.

Fees, bribes, and rebases earned will be converted to liveRETRO

Fees and bribes:

  • 81.5% for $liveRETRO single staking pool
  • 10%: Automatically used to bribe the pool liveRETRO/RETRO
  • 8.5% for mxLQDR (soon qLQDR) holders

Rebases are claimable weekly and added to our veRETRO position. We will mint an equivalent amount of liveRETRO each week after claiming the rebase and distribute it to both liveRETRO/RETRO LPs and liveRETRO staking pool based on the balance of liveRETRO in each.

Differing from liveTHE, the liquidity pool utilizes a specially constructed concentrated liquidity pool, with a custom logic for automatic management by Gamma Strategies. The 1% pool fee will be used to build POL for LiquidDriver.

The Magic Formula

Let’s look at the formula to understand the liveRETRO advantage.

LPs: liveRETRO distributed = liveRETRO_balance / liveRETRO_total * Rebase_amount

liveRETRO staking pool = liveRETRO_staked / liveRETRO_total * Rebase_amount

To break it down:

Calculate liveRETRO_total:

liveRETRO_total = liveRETRO_Balance + liveRETRO_staked


liveRETRO_LP_balance = 500

liveRETRO_staked = 400

liveRETRO_total = 500 + 400 = 900

Calculate LPs Distribution:

LPs Distribution = (liveRETRO_LP_balance / liveRETRO_total) * Rebase

Calculate Staking Distribution:

Staking Distribution = Rebase — LPs Distribution

The math is mathing

One major point to note is that some liveRETRO will be staked in the liquidity pool, resulting in less liveRETRO in the staking pool. The result? Higher APR per staker. The performance fees are additionally mitigated by time and (potential) tax savings.

Unlock the Future with liveRETRO

Our primary goal revolves around refining the user experience. With liveRETRO, it’s a win-win scenario. This wrapper operates without emissions, implying xLQDR holders relish genuine yields. On the flip side, stakers of liveRETRO are granted access to some of the most lucrative liquid yields in the DeFi space.

liveRETRO follows the success of liveTHE, a wrapper for THENA’s veTHE currently dominating THE game on BNB Chain.

What’s even more special about liveRETRO is it will come along with BOOSTED ve(3,3) farms, to be announced in the near future.

Mint your liveRETRO today and get ready for the emissions launch for liquidity providers on Thursday. The single-staking pool on LiquidDriver will go live after, with LQDR rewards to bootstrap initial demand.