December Development Update

Life on the Mississippi by Mark Twain, 1883

New Shadow Farms— SpookySwap

  • SpookySwap LP tokens deposited in the Shadow Farm vaults are staked in the SpookySwap farms.
  • $BOO tokens farmed are swapped for $xBOO, the interest-bearing version of $BOO that accrues the swap fees of the DEX.
  • $xBOO tokens are staked into the SpookySwap single sided pools to earn partners’ governance tokens.
  • The strategy has been optimized to automatically stake $xBOO tokens into the most profitable partner pools.

Cross-Chain Launch — by the end of December

Optimism Development — Velodrome Strategy

Optimism Development — Hundred Finance Strategy

  • The single sided boosted pools have been depleted on LiquidDriver. Conversely, new boosted pools will be opened on Optimism as soon as LiquidDriver is deployed on Optimism.
  • The liHND contract will be deployed on Optimism to enable liHND holders to access a portion of the revenue generated by our single sided boosted pools.
  • The liHND minter has been closed on Fantom until further notice. Our dominant position allows us to be the only protocol to access the maximum farming boost on Hundred Finance. As a result, we decided to keep $LQDR emissions for further purposes.
  • The deployment of the Shadow Farm strategy using the Hundred Finance’s Optimism pools is currently being studied.

BNB Chain Development — THENA Strategy

BNB Chain Development — THE/veTHE Airdrop to xLQDR Holders

As part of our deal with THENA, xLQDR holders will be airdropped a mix of $THE/veTHE tokens. The main purpose is to engage as many users as possible in their venture.

  • At least 100 xLQDR
  • At least 1 year of lock left
  • Position locked since: 175 days 20 hrs ago (Jun-21–2022 03:26:02 PM +UTC)

Gitcoin Grants



The first liquidity mining dApp on fantom.

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