Liquid Driver V3


  • Building out xLQDR, a vested version of LQDR that captures the revenue generated by the platform.
  • Developing a “Convex-style” system on top of existing Fantom protocols, utilizing key ecosystem tokens such as Spirit’s $inSPIRIT and Hundred Finance’s $HND
  • Providing increased liquidity for xLQDR holders, via innovative FNFTs (financial non fungible tokens) and other wrapped derivatives created by LiquidDriver’s partners — for example, cLQDR.
  • New UI and the release of the Shadow Farms — the ultimate maximization layer of SpiritSwap and beyond

Master Gauges

A Cross-chain Liquidity Hub & Bribing Marketplace

  1. They vote for Master Gauges
  2. They vote for Layer 2 Gauges

Potential Benefits & Use Cases

  • Capital efficiency
  • A far-reaching liquidity layer
  • A cross-chain liquidity hub
  • An automated process available directly to users via LiquidDriver’s native UI

To conclude…



The first liquidity mining dApp on fantom.

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