LiquidDriver IFO-Launch: Initial Farm Offering Announcement

Ahoy, fellow Liquid Shippers! It is time to announce our Initial Farm Offering! Our ship is about to take off into the high Fantom sea — first stop: SUSHI-Island!

Steps before departure :

For those of you putting on your Fantom-Farming-Boots for the first time, you can use this guide on how to connect your MetaMask to Fantom Opera and provide liquidity on SushiSwap:

On Sunday, 2pm UTC: we will open our staking pools for the following pairs below.

The ‘x’ you see next to the pairs represents the LQDR boosts given to each of them

Airdrops & Early Staking Bonus

Community Thank-you & 1st airdrop info

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our 1st LiquidDrop contest, we wanted early community members to help us spread the word and we’re amazed by the results.

We will publish a spreadsheet containing the addresses of our 300 winners later. The LiquidDrop will be sent at the end of our IFO so you’ll be able to stake it in our boosted LQDR pools.

Creating fairer launch conditions & 2nd Airdrop and Early Staking Bonus

To prevent whales from snacking on our rewards without sharing, we will allow early users to start farming early. This measure ensures a wider distribution from the start. Users will be able to start staking SushiSwap LP tokens, but no LQDR will be emitted for the first 24 hours.

For those helping fuel the liquid containers before departing, we have a special reward for you: Our second LiquidDrop.

That means everyone who stakes before emission starts will be eligible for our LiquidDrop, which will be released right after the start of our IFO.

When the 24-hour window ends, we will start LQDR reward emissions to distribute the initial supply. The IFO will last 72 hours.

Finally, LQDR-FTM, LQDR-fUSDT, and LQDR single staking pool will open. Users will be able to provide liquidity for LQDR on SushiSwap and earn extra yields by staking them on our platform.

LiquidDrop for Early Stakers:

As mentioned above, all users who stake during the beginning 24-hour window of our IFO will be eligible for the LiquidDrop.

The airdrop reward amount you receive will be based on your % contribution so there is no need to create several wallets. The final amount will depend on your share of the pool and its corresponding weight.

From a user perspective, using a linear scale for the LiquidDrop, there are no incentives to create multiple wallets and provide little liquidity as the amount received depends solely on the amount you staked.

Rest assured, the LiquidDrop will cover the deposit fees and more!

Fellow Liquid Shippers, you now know what to do. It is time to board the ship for a liquidity mining journey into the deep Fantom sea.



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