LiquidDriver Partners with Équilibre Finance on Kava EVM Chain

Liquid Driver
3 min readFeb 24, 2023


Équilibre has officially launched on Kava EVM mainnet — congratulations! Let’s explore what it means for LiquidDriver.

Stronger Together

Bringing a balance to the DeFi seas, LiquidDriver is thrilled to announce its partnership with Équilibre Finance, a new recently launched Solidly-inspired liquidity layer on the Kava EVM chain. LiquidDriver’s users will benefit from Équilibre’s unique ve(3,3) liquidity mining model, while Équilibre will benefit from LiquidDriver’s best-in-fleet strategies to create an efficient and attractive equilibrium.

LiquidDriver’s partnership with Équilibre marks their first journey into the Kava EVM chain. Kava’s fast and secure Layer-1 blockchain is the perfect vessel for the collaboration, offering a stable equilibrium of speed, interoperability, and scalability. Kava Rise Incentive Program provides automated and fair incentives for the best DeFi developers to build on its platform, driving growth across the Kava ecosystem and maximizing its value.

What’s Équilibre?

During a recent AMA, Équilibre emphasized its focus on creating a user-friendly platform, including simple terms, streamlined UI, and guides to create an easy-to-use and harmonious experience for all users. The platform is also looking to connect with most of the liquidity in Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystems. Équilibre has teased upcoming partnerships in the following weeks and months, so be sure to stay tuned.

Regarding incentives, Équilibre plans to balance the interests of LPs and users by using Kava monthly incentives in $KAVA tokens to incentivize LPs and users to join the platform. They actively bribe for every new protocol they partner with to keep the ecosystem thriving.

The partnership anchors LiquidDriver’s commitment to expanding its reach in the vast sea of cross-chain space, creating a truly symbiotic and efficient DeFi ecosystem and reinforces the shared vision of balance and success on the Kava EVM chain.

Tips cross-chain transfer preparations

You need to fund your Kava Wallet with gas and then transfer funds using bridge of our choice that supports Kava.

  1. Check that the funds can be transferred from your choice of network to Kava:
  • Fantom users can transfer $LQDR using Multichain
  • See cross-chain fees on Multichain. If you have a small position, it may be wiser to wait for the pool and swap later instead.

2. Acquire $ELK on your native network using Elk Finance Swap

  • Choose the network you wish to fund gas to Kava
  • Buy more than 2 $ELK. Bridge fee is 1 $ELK and 1 $ELK is converted to gas in Kava. You need to leave more than 0 $ELK to send.
  • Cost for 2.001 $ELK $0.33 at the time of writing

3. Bridge $ELK to Kava using Elk Finance ElkNet

  • Enter $ELK amount you just bought
  • Choose “Swap $ELK 1 for gas”
  • Transfer

4. Continue using Équilibre guide on step 3 for bridging your funds.

5. Use the Équilibre dApp in Kava

About LiquidDriver

LiquidDriver is a liquidity mining dApp that provides Liquidity-as-a-Service on cross-chain space. With a strong focus on transparency, community, and innovation, LiquidDriver offers flexible and cost-effective liquidity options to its users. We aim to bring its users more utility, rewards, and long-term benefits through our native token, LQDR.

Learn more about LiquidDriver by visiting this link. Stay up to date with our developments by following us on Twitter and joining our Discord.

About Équilibre Finance

Équilibre Finance is a ve(3,3) AMM built on the Kava EVM chain, designed to create a stable, efficient, and sustainable liquidity provision environment for traders, liquidity providers, and partners. Through its innovative Lock & GovEarn model, Équilibre Finance incentivizes liquidity providers and governance participants with multiple rewards, including emissions, trading fees, bribes, and rebase.

To learn more about Équilibre’s innovative solutions, we invite you to visit their Twitter.