LiquidDriver Partners with Satin Exchange on Polygon

Liquid Driver
2 min readFeb 17, 2023
LiquidDriver x Satin Exchange

LiquidDriver is excited to announce its partnership with Satin Exchange on Polygon, which furthers our cross-chain expansion strategy. The partnership will provide Satin Exchange users with liquidity, allowing them to trade with minimal slippage and price impact. is a new DEX that has improved on its predecessors in several ways. Unlike previous ve(3,3) DEXes that relied solely on governance tokens for yields, Satin benefits from yields generated by the CASH token. CASH provides stablecoin yields for LPs, regardless of the other token in the pair — stabilizing the returns for LPs. In addition, Satin has developed an innovative approach to incentivizing liquidity and governance power, whereby the Satin/CASH LP token is locked for governance, rather than the Satin token itself. This mechanism confers both governance power and real yields to lockers, making veSatin highly appealing option than other vote-escrowed tokens.

Polygon is not only a fast and affordable solution for EVM transactions but also one of the top-ranked Layer 2 solutions in the space. With the upcoming launch of Polygon #zkEVM Mainnet Beta, it’s taking a big step towards realizing mass adoption of Web3 in the Ethereum fast lane.

Through this collaboration, LiquidDriver is fulfilling its mission to provide users with more utility and rewards by enabling low-cost liquidity options across multiple chains. The partnership will also help to deepen liquidity on Satin, allowing for more efficient trading and better prices for users.

About LiquidDriver

LiquidDriver is a liquidity mining dApp that provides Liquidity-as-a-Service on cross-chain space. With a strong focus on transparency, community, and innovation, LiquidDriver offers flexible and cost-effective liquidity options to its users. We aim to bring its users more utility, rewards, and long-term benefits through our native token, $LQDR.

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About Satin Exchange

Satin Exchange is a decentralized exchange on the Polygon network that allows users to trade digital assets with very low fees and low slippage. Stabl Labs is the team behind Satin Exchange, dedicated to creating sustainable and innovative DeFi solutions that bring value to its users. Satin uses $CASH stablecoin as base token for most pairs, providing unique opportunities and advantages for users.

To learn more about Satin’s innovative solutions, we invite you to visit their Twitter.