LiquidDriver Partners with SoliSnek on Avalanche for Cross-Chain Expansion

Liquid Driver
2 min readMar 22, 2023

Ahoy, mates! LiquidDriver is ecstatic to announce a partnership with the soon-to-launch SoliSnek DEX on the Avalanche (AVAX) blockchain, the Solidly-inspired solution set to conquer new heights.

Avalanche, a high-performance, scalable, and interoperable platform, shines as the beacon of decentralized finance’s future. In 2023, AVAX witnessed impressive growth in unique addresses, developer activity, and DEX volumes. LiquidDriver and SoliSnek, sailing these flourishing seas, are primed to deliver exceptional value to the ecosystem while extending our cross-chain reach.

Our partnership secures a veNFT for LiquidDriver, bolstering SoliSnek’s efficiency and liquidity, and providing LQDR liquidity, creating a powerful synergy within the Avalanche ecosystem.

Slither into celebration, xLQDR holders! SoliSnek has an allocation just for you, so get ready to sssssavor the excitement!

SoliSnek’s sleek, user-friendly platform, combined with LiquidDriver’s DeFi expertise, ensures users can navigate the DEX with the cunning of a pirate and the stealth of a snake.

Stay tuned for more on this groundbreaking partnership, set to reshape the DeFi landscape on Avalanche.

About SoliSnek

SoliSnek is THE answer to Solidly on AVAX! Our aim is to become the #1 DEX providing efficiency for liquidity never before seen on these mountains we call home


About LiquidDriver

LiquidDriver is a liquidity mining dApp that provides Liquidity-as-a-Service on cross-chain space. With a strong focus on transparency, community, and innovation, LiquidDriver offers flexible and cost-effective liquidity options to its users. We aim to bring its users more utility, rewards, and long-term benefits through our native token, LQDR.

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