LiquidDriver Partners with Sterling Finance on Arbitrum

Liquid Driver
2 min readFeb 16, 2023
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LiquidDriver is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Sterling Finance on Arbitrum, which marks an exciting step towards cross-chain expansion. This collaboration will enable LiquidDriver to reach new audiences and tap into growing demand for cross-chain solutions. As part of the partnership, Sterling Finance will provide LiquidDriver with a token allocation, which will support the growth of our cross-chain fleet and the development of new products and services.

Sterling Finance, a DEX based on the Solidly DEX model, addresses known issues such as liquidity incentivization, ensuring productive gauges, and tying rewards with emissions. With the support of Sterling Finance, LiquidDriver aims to become a leading provider of Liquidity-as-a-Service in the cross-chain space. By working together, both projects hope to promote long-term sustainability and growth while providing users with a seamless experience in the Arbitrum network.

Arbitrum is a leading Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, providing a seamless experience for users and developers alike. With over 1 billion total value locked and recent growth in Total Value Locked (TVL), Arbitrum’s consistent development and security-first approach validate its position as a reliable and efficient solution. Offering a range of powerful features and capabilities, Arbitrum scales Ethereum without compromising on security.

Our commitment to transparency, community, and innovation aligns with Sterling’s focus on providing secure, decentralized, and user-friendly financial solutions. Together, we can enhance the cross-chain experience and bring more capital efficiency to the thriving DeFi ecosystem.

About LiquidDriver

LiquidDriver is a liquidity mining dApp that provides Liquidity-as-a-Service on cross-chain space. With a strong focus on transparency, community, and innovation, LiquidDriver offers flexible and cost-effective liquidity options to its users. We aim to bring its users more utility, rewards, and long-term benefits through our native token, LQDR.

Learn more about LiquidDriver by visiting this link. Stay up to date with our developments by following us on Twitter and joining our Discord.

About Sterling Finance

Sterling Finance aims to act as a solution for protocols on Arbitrum to properly incentivize liquidity for their own use cases. Building on top of the groundwork laid out by Solidly, the team has addressed that first iteration’s core issues to realize its full potential. Their team is a group of crypto natives looking to build upon what Andre Cronje created with his Solidly ecosystem. The team hopes their version of Solidly on Arbitrum with slight changes will focus on driving long-term value to Arbitrum network users.

Visit Sterling’s Twitter and documentation to learn more about their solutions.