LiquidDriver X SpiritSwap — A New Wave of Collaboration on Fantom

Liquid Driver
4 min readSep 13, 2021


What happens when two of Fantom Opera’s fast-evolving DeFi protocols come together? You get a magical journey through a land of vast utility, innovation, and rewards!

Welcome to a collaboration between Liquid Driver — Fantom’s first liquidity mining dApp offering on-demand liquidity as a service, and SpiritSwap — one of the leading DEXs and most exciting yield aggregators on Fantom.

With the successful launch of our V2, you can now dive into a new world of features on Liquid Driver:

Buying LQDR on SpiritSwap

Yield Farming in Spirit Land

  • Boosted Pools (double rewards)
  • Standard Pools (LQDR rewards)
  • Upcoming Pools

Earning SPIRIT rewards through xLQDR

LiquidSpirit — wrapped version of inSPIRIT

These developments are geared to benefit users by providing broader utility for LQDR and more opportunities to maximize yields on LiquidDriver, especially for big-brain users holding both xLQDR and inSPIRIT (more on this further on).

Let’s take a look at what these new features are all about!

Buying LQDR on SpiritSwap

Moving LQDR liquidity entirely onto the SpiritSwap platform definitely has its perks. SpiritSwap allows users to buy LQDR at the lightning speed and low fees of a true Fantom-native DEX. Did we mention that their platform also has a neat ‘limit order’ feature?

Buying LQDR on the SpiritSwap Platform

Spirit Land

Enter a dreamlike yield farming experience in Liquid Driver’s very own Spirit Land. Users can Provide Liquidity on SpiritSwap, stake the LP tokens in a selection of seven new pools, and farm both single and double token emissions while earning trading fees on top!

Spirit Land Pools List

Boosted Pools

Spirit Land’s boosted pools are unique in that they reward stakers with a juicy harvest of two different tokens! We have collaborated with SpiritSwap to seed the pools below with double rewards:


An easy favorite for yield farmers on Liquid Driver, the LQDR-FTM pool has leveled up with special rewards of:

  • SPIRIT for all liquidity providers (emitted over 2 months)
  • LQDR airdropped exclusively to inSPIRIT holders in the pool


We really couldn’t wait to launch this one. Dive into a boosted LQDR-SPIRIT pool to earn both LQDR and wFTM rewards!

Spirit Land’s Boosted Pools with double reward’s APR displayed

Standard Pools

Spirit Land is also home to these five in-demand pools on Liquid Driver, offering a steady flow of LQDR emissions for stakers:


Upcoming Pools

Spirit Land is ever-expanding and will have more comes coming up for you to dive into:

  • wETH-FTM
  • wBTC-FTM

Earning Spirit rewards through xLQDR

One of the focus points of our V2 model was evolving our vault strategies. Now, funds from our pools are used for farming on SpiritSwap, and the yields are redistributed to xLQDR holders through our revenue sharing vault.

Users can farm LQDR in Spirit Land, lock it up for xLQDR, and claim a daily flow of SPIRIT rewards. Locking times range from 2 weeks up to two years, and the longer you lock, the more SPIRIT rewards you will earn alongside the other tokens!

inSPIRIT to LiquidSpirit

SpiritSwap’s newly released inSPIRIT is evolving fast, as the team has just introduced wrapped versions of the governance token. This will integrate seamlessly with our protocol to produce liquidSpirit — a unique token with its own rewards and utility!

liquidSpirit will allow users to exchange their SPIRIT tokens for liquidSpirit at a 1:1 ratio. With the SPIRIT locked forever, we will use the liquidSPIRIT generated to enhance the APRs in the boosted farms, increasing yields for xLQDR holders.

Users can then stake their liquidSpirit to earn the yields generated by inSPIRIT or provide liquidity for SPIRIT/liquidSpirit to earn more LQDR.

Evolving the partnership

This Liquid Driver and SpiritSwap collaboration is the genesis of a new wave on Fantom that is here to stay. Expect more exciting use-cases, insatiable rewards, and mysterious surprises coming your way!

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