October Wrap-Up

Liquidity across the seven chains

cLQDR contract ownership transfer to DEUS Finance

Last March Growth DeFi launched cLQDR on the Fantom network. cLQDR is an interest bearing and transferable version (wrapped synthetic derivative) of xLQDR. Users can deposit their $LQDR into the contract in order to mint cLQDR. The $LQDR deposited into the contract is permanently locked as xLQDR on the back end, and the daily rewards are automatically compounded through the buyback and burn contract. As a result, cLQDR is appreciating over time against LQDR.

  • Voting power in LiquidDriver’s governance proposals
  • (Upcoming) Voting power to redirect $SPIRIT emissions
  • (Upcoming) Voting power over $LQDR emissions thanks to the Master Gauges solution
  • The development of a new UI for cLQDR — already live: https://app.dei.finance/clqdr
  • The development of a lending option for $cLQDR and $cLQDR LP tokens
  • Ensure cLQDR peg stability & deep liquidity for cLQDR
  • Eventually develop a bribing interface for cLQDR holders

LiquidDriver enters the Velodrome Race to kick-off its cross-chain operations

LiquidDriver becomes a launch partner of THENA on BNB Chain and will receive veTHE

Master Gauges, cross-chain expansion, and the future of Liquid Driver

The Master Gauges model has not been deployed yet on Fantom due to lack of local demand for $LQDR emissions. Rolling out the entire infrastructure implies a switch in the global Liquid Driver’s model and the associated risk cannot be properly mitigated in the current DeFi environment on the Fantom network. As a result, a decision has been made to deploy the product directly cross-chain. Some technical adjustments still need to be implemented — such as mxLQDR, the cross-chain version of xLQDR. Cross-chain Master Gauges open up a global market for LiquidDriver that will unleash the full potential of the product.

  • $LQDR cross-chain deep liquidity
  • Passive income generation options for $LQDR holders
  • Diversification of the Fantom dependency

Pirates of the Month

  • @Fattson Assassin for his two consecutive articles published on his own Medium page: Shadowfarms on Liquid Driver & My Thoughts So Far
  • @jerAco for his constant reminders and endless efforts to keep the community updated about NFT giveaways & events



The first liquidity mining dApp on fantom. www.liquiddriver.finance

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