Summer Wrap-up

Liquid Driver
4 min readAug 9, 2022

Ahoy mighty seafarers. The past summer has not been without drama in the world of DeFi. While a lot has happened, the relatively quieter markets have given the team an opportunity to focus on the upcoming releases. Now we are seeing a significant change in that with activity picking up again. You can feel the excitement in the air. It’s close.

Before gearing up for the final transformation into V3, let’s dive into what happened during the past two months.

Pirates of the Month

There are not enough superlatives to describe the truly amazing pirate community at LiquidDriver. It has been remarkable to see how so many have stepped up to further support the mission, especially during the tougher times in terms of the overall market.

It was then decided that these outstanding contributions should be somehow rewarded, thus PoM, Pirate of the Month role was created. This means each month 1–3 community members are rewarded with xLQDR FNFTs worth $200 each.

For June we picked

In July, the following pirates stood out

  • Lord_Dysto — Created a custom song just for LQDR
  • Paralengrip — Arranged the first ever community event, LQDR Poker Tournament
  • RnZ — Created two useful websites for the community :

fNFT ID check:

PiC or Not?

August is well on its way. Who will be the next PoM? Join our Discord to start your journey.

mLQDR launch

MorpheusSwap has just released their xLQDR wrapper called mLQDR. It is officially the 3rd ever version launched. It is now live for minting and emissions are expected to begin soon. Listen to the AMA with MorpheusSwap here to learn more about their future plans.

Integration on Hyve

$LQDR is now supported as a payment method on the Hyve platform. Hyve is a freelancing marketplace where freelancers can provide their services and be matched with a wide range of tasks and assignments, in a permissionless and decentralized manner. Hyve supports crypto payments methods on four different networks — ETH, BSC, Polygon and Fantom — with more on the way. Hyve also joined our server for an AMA. You can listen to it here.

Felix Listing

$LQDR has been listed on Felix exchange. Felix is a centralized exchange powered by Binance Cloud and falls under the Tomb Finance umbrella. The platform enables trading amongst a wide range of tokens and cryptocurrencies with a strong focus on tokens from the Fantom network.

LIP-011: Creation of a cross-chain fund

LIP-011 has successfully passed the community vote. This governance proposal is the first milestone of the Liquid Driver’ cross-chain expansion. Following the launch of the Shadow Farms, 25%-30% of current $LQDR emissions will be cut and directed towards the cross-chain fund. The fund will be used afterwards to bootstrap TVL and acquire a strong user base in other networks while avoiding xLQDR holders dilution. In addition, these emotions will then become the structural to our cross-chain venture.

Further snapshots vote shall be carried out to decide the exact spending. The detailed proposal is available here.

Fireside Chat with Dr. Liquid

Dr. Liquid recently attended a Fireside Chat over at SpiritSwap Discord server to discuss the past, present, as well as the future of LiquidDriver. Go to listen to the recording here, or read the summary here.

In other news

  • Liquid Driver has successfully performed the migration of SpiritSwap farms towards SpiritSwap V2 farms.
  • Beethoven X has started a community driven process to swap $BEETS from their treasury for $LQDR from the LiquidDriver protocol dev wallet. The discussion can be followed here. The purpose of this transaction is to align long term interests of LiquidDriver and Beethoven X.