Wrap-up — Week #26

Liquid Driver
4 min readJun 30, 2022

Another tumultuous week in the DeFi seas.

Development of the final version of our V3 model continues and we can’t wait to share more details regarding this with you. We are also working on upgrading all aspects of the platform to make it easier for both users and partners alike.

Last Thursday we had the pleasure of having HYVE (https://hyve.works/) over for an AMA. They are the biggest freelancing platform in the Web3 space. Dive into the summary below about how they plan on disrupting the multi-billion dollar industry.

AMA with HYVE:

Could you introduce HYVE?

HYVE is a Web3 job marketplace and a decentralized labour exchange. First, we are essentially facilitating exchange of goods and services among users. Second, we are providing the payment interface for users. The payments are carried out in a decentralized and automatic manner. Our platform guarantees participants security, speed and automation for each collaboration.

Can you tell us more about the team behind the project?

The co-founders have a long time experience in the blockchain industry — almost 10 years now. The rest of the team is mainly composed of people with non-blockchain backgrounds. Since we are building a platform that connects workers with different kind of backgrounds, we wanted to replicate the same within our own team.

What has inspired the development of such a platform?

Before launching HYVE, the co-founders had built a platform specialized in marketing — BountyHive. The platform reached one million users and has been providing services for more than 200 companies. However, this plateform was only targeting a niche industry and the team then decided to launch Hyve as a more global freelancing platform in order to increase its market shares.

How is the $HYVE token tied to the ecosystem?

$HYVE is our native token that allows user to earn a portion of the fees generated by the platform.

In which chains are you integrated and what are your expansion plans?

We are already deployed on the Fantom chain and we plan on deploying on many other chains within the next couple of months. Three deployments are already scheduled with the first one of them happening next month. By the end 2022, we plan on having HYVE live on ten different chains!

What is the mechanism to kickstart the supply and demand for a given job or task?

We are currently well integrated with some freelancer communities and we are in contact with freelancer influencers in order to increase the workforce offer on both BountyHyve and Hyve. We have also started some marketing campaigns in order to reach companies that are not in the blockchain industry yet to put them in contact with those communities.

What synergies do you see between Liquid Driver and HYVE?

Integrating $LQDR as token payment will increase LiquidDriver’s exposure our freelancer community. We are mainly trying to build a long term relationship with our partners. In the near future, LiquidDriver will be able to hire freelancers more easily through our platform and pay the workers directly with its native token $LQDR.

Recently HYVE has released its V2, what are its new features?

The V2 is bringing a brand new UI that will be supported on computers, tablets and cellphones. The V2 is more intuitive especially for freelancers that are not comfortable yet with on-chain tools, such as Metamask wallets for example. In the future, we are planning on adding more tokens as a means of payments and additional user friendly features such as messaging and notifications.

Where do you expect to see the platform in one year?

Within the next year we expect to be deployed on at least 15 networks and to have at least 300 different tokens integrated as payment methods in the platform. As well we expect a sensitive growth of our operations with non blockchain companies. This will require HYVE to become more mainstream and more user friendly. In that perspective, we have started the development of the mobile App of the platform that would be available on the Google store and the iOS store.

To learn more about HYVE go to:

Deck Talk Summary

New User Interface

The front-end developer along with the web designer are working hard to deliver a brand new UI for the dApp. The design will be purified and the user and developer experience much more intuitive. On the other hand, the LiquidDriver identity will be preserved in order to keep developing the platform while staying close to the community. The spirit shall remain unchanged.

LinSpirit Peg — Update

The peg of the main wrapped product has been temporarily and relatively lost. It is important to specify “relatively”. Since Peg Management of wrapped tokens is a leading skill developed by the LiquidDriver’s team, even a 3% price variation is considered a depegging. The peg between $Spirit and $LinSpirit has since recovered significantly.

Questions have been raised about the potential winSpirit acquisition campaign. Such operations have already been considered by the team but the level of complexity and trust involved made it complicated to be carried out.

Other topics

  • New batch of LiquidDriver’s NFT based on the Discord channel ranking is being developed with a new set of rules that aims at incentivizing global participation.
  • #gaming channel has been added to the Discord server in response to a community request.
  • A wLQDR channel has been added to the discord server. It is replacing the cLQDR channel and aims at becoming the the place to discuss any LQDR wrapper related topics.
  • Deck Talks shall be held at 4:00 PM UTC from now on.

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